Welcome to Motorcycle Tyre Domain, the home of motorcycle tyres in Melbourne. We list a range of motorbike shops to cover all of Melbourne. No matter where you are, we have a service centre close by. We will be adding a range of shops in the coming weeks who are reputable dealers who will look after you and your bike.

Pirelli Supercorsa SC

From: $269.00 - $395.00


Dunlop Q3

From: $189.00 - $285.00


Dunlop Alpha 13z Sport/Track Front and Rear Combo

DUNLOP’S new AL-13Z is a race bred tyre suitable for both spirited sports riding and also track day use. Featuring Dunlop’s unique MT5 5 zone tread compound the AL-13Z offers race tyre grip levels without compromise to tyre wear.

From: $399.00

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This is a question that pretty much every motorcycle rider in the galactic empire has considered at least once in their riding careers. So how do you scrub in a tyre? Is there some magical number of kilometres that you have to travel? Is there some sort product that will do most of it for you?